Speaking Engagements and Training Environments

John uses his gifts in communication for speaking engagements at conferences, retreats, camps, or leadership training events. He is as adept in front of a group of teenagers as he is adults, having over 15 years experience communicating to middle and high school students, and having served as a regular communicator on a teaching team in a local church. He brings great energy and creativity to teaching and training environments, often using relevant multimedia to communicate scriptural truth.

Ministry Consulting and Analysis

John is a gifted ministry leader with experience and longevity. He's a "lifer" in ministry, and having served in a wide variety of church settings, John has the experience necessary to help you evaluate your ministry and take it to the next level. John will help you analyze your ministry, from top to bottom-- within your own church's style and paradigm-- and credibly point you in the right direction for developing a transforming ministry. He's served in churches of all sizes, from just over one-hundred to over three-thousand. If you've ever wanted a "second set of eyes," trained in ministry to help you assess your ministry and guide you, then this is the opportunity for you.

Leadership Training Events and Workshops

The training events that John Lehmberg creates are sure to envision, train, and develop your ministry leadership team. Custom tailored to fit your specific needs, the possibilities are endless: leaership development, spiritual gifts analysis, Myers-Briggs personality workshops, team building skills, or student leadership development. All will help your team interact and understand each other better, give them a better picture of ministry, and affirm their calling to serve. Student leadership gatherings are also a great opportunity to capture the hearts of your kids to help lead your student ministry.

Leadership Training Events and Workshops

For those who would benefit from a more consistent connection and desire regular coaching and leadership accountability, it is available for pastors, youth pastors, or youth leaders in primary student leadership roles. Coaching experiences are available via phone or in person at regular intervals.

Worship Leading

John has led worship in all kinds of environments. Worship is a passion of his; he's been singing as long as he can remember, and has been playing acoustic guitar since he was 14. He started leading worship in his church youth group when he was in high school, and then later led the worship team at his college. He's led worship in churches with a contemporary style, for both students and adults, and helps those around him engage Christ in corporate celebration. John definitely has a creative bent, and music has been one of his great outlets for that creativity over the years.